Twenty-four minutes of Dane ripping.

Medina and Lowers has the same ring to it as John John and Pipe. I have a feeling Medina may win as many events at Lowers as Kelly has.

There is no denying that Kolohe Andino is good at airs. There is no denying that Lower Trestles makes it possible to do lots of airs. Video proof follows:

Dane Reynolds and some other rippers showing off somewhere near Ventura.

@gabrielmedinaa puts on a clinic on how to do a backside air reverse in this slow motion video. Look at how perfect his timing is when he hits the launch ramp…. Eu quero fazer surf como o Gabriel, mas acho que nunca realizar meu sono….

Perfect, slow-motion frontside air reverse. Watch and learn.

Taj Burrow. Frantic. Energetic. Surfing like a Squirrel on Crack. Awesome.

Check out Taj’s site for more:

Great video of @realnickrozsa boosting over and over. @kellyslater rides a few too.