Rob Machado is doing more for the popularity of the alaia surfboard than anyone other than maybe Dave Rastovich and Tom Wegener. Check it out.

Wow. Insane barrel at the start. It can only get better: Thomas Campbell.

Summary of the premiere at La Paloma in Encinitas, CA:

Finally, here is a link to a review of the movie from its world premiere in Encinitas, California.

What is an alaia surfboard? It is your history and the source of your stoke:

Alaia Virgins Pros:

Alaia Virgin Amateur:

Part 4 of 4. Check out the insane carving by Dave Rastovich.

Part 3 of 4:

Part 2 of 4:

Have you heard about this retro-historical board shape? Check out these videos from the premier shaper of alaias, Tom Wegener. This is the first of four parts: