We all know that Alana is pretty cute, but she is a very good surfer. I’d say she out-surfs 98% of the guys I see out in the line up.

Great video of Kelia Moniz riding a longboard at Waikiki.  I don’t like some of the Go Pro videos of shortboarders, but the cameras are used really well here to show off the glide and grace of a stylish surfer. The surfing starts at 1:05.

Check out the Australian National Swimsuit Calendar finalists for some Valentine’s Day inspiration. Sorry, no surfing in this one.

@billabong1973 sends the ladies to the Maldives to show off their surfing and some of the latest styles.

Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey looking hot and selling Go Pros.

A great video of the recent Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.

Miss Reef calendar shoot for 2012. Hide your kids; hide your wife!

I think they are trying to sell sandals…