Dane Reynolds

I found this 2010 compilation of Dane’s 10 best waves from the last year he was on tour. I think this video shows two things:

1. Progressive surfing has caught up with Dane a bit in the past couple of years, and

2. Dane can lay down a rail carve with the best who ever lived.

Twenty-four minutes of Dane ripping.

Dane Reynolds and some other rippers showing off somewhere near Ventura.

@surfersjournal (The Surfer’s Journal) watches as Dane Reynolds and Dan Malloy swap boards and have fun.

Dane and the Coffins show you how to do it at the Queen of the Coast. Bottom turn, carve, repeat until air section…

Who knew these massive cetaceans were so docile around humans! Of course, we’re talking about Dane Reynolds, one of the best surfers out there.

Dane Reynolds on his self-shaped ‘Sperm Whale’ quad, Ventura County, California, September 29, 2011.