If you need more proof about Pipeline’s power, consider this video Exhibit A.

Great video of Kelia Moniz riding a longboard at Waikiki.  I don’t like some of the Go Pro videos of shortboarders, but the cameras are used really well here to show off the glide and grace of a stylish surfer. The surfing starts at 1:05.

Great video of Ace Buchan shredding some fun Hawaiian waves.

If there is one truism in life, it is that Pipeline can make your wildest dreams come true or unleash the most terrifying nightmares. It is the ultimate force of nature.

Check out this highlight reel from @kerr_azy1

Why does @whoisjob ride a Wavejet at Pipe? Probably has something to do with money changing hands. [Note the no paddle paddle out.]

Ke11y, John John, and others take apart a small, clean Hawaiian day.

A great video of the recent Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.