If you need more proof about Pipeline’s power, consider this video Exhibit A.

If there is one truism in life, it is that Pipeline can make your wildest dreams come true or unleash the most terrifying nightmares. It is the ultimate force of nature.

Why does @whoisjob ride a Wavejet at Pipe? Probably has something to do with money changing hands. [Note the no paddle paddle out.]

A great video of the recent Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.

The 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro waiting period is January 23rd thru February 4th. It looks like Pipeline is going to be pumping. Check out some perfect Pipe in the video below:

If waves were gendered, do you think Pipeline would be a man or a woman? Nate Yoemans gives us the answer:

It isn’t all glory at Pipeline. Check out these wipeouts. So many guys taking lips to the head…

The 2011 Pipe Masters is almost here. Check out this highlight reel of Flynn Novak. He’s one to watch this year.