Ugh. (Dig the crazy sponger near the end.)

Maybe the youth don’t really understand honor and tradition as much as they claim to, but it is nice that they are trying. After they face tragedy and death in their own lives, the power of the Eddie will truly resonate with them.

A good summary of Eddie’s life. Done by ESPN, but still a nice documentary.

A very cool compilation of wipeouts from vintage and not-so-vintage surf films. The Style Evolution project pays homage to the immense treasure of surf movies over the past 50 years, many of which are sadly becoming rapidly unavailable due to new video formats. This short film is a collage of wipeouts from 19 surf movies from 1963 to 2005. Be on the lookout for 1) the kid who stands on someone else’s board, causes the other guy to wipeout, and then jumps back on his own board; 2) over-the-falls in a catamaran; 3) epic Wiamea and Pipeline freefall wipeouts; 4) death slabs from hell; and so much more!

It is sad that “shorebreak” at Wiamea would pass for a fun, good-sized day just about everywhere else. Anyone want to sell me a house on the North Shore cheap?