Kelly Slater

In case you missed it (or weren’t watching at work or late into the night, depending on where you live), here are highlights from the final rounds of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2013:

I remember watching this barrel live during the webcast of the Rip Curl Search Ocean Beach Pro 2011. The webcast cameraman actually turned the camera away from the barrel because he assumed Kelly had been swallowed. Nope.

Great video of @realnickrozsa boosting over and over. @kellyslater rides a few too.

Ke11y, John John, and others take apart a small, clean Hawaiian day.

Kelly looks back on his first world tour win: Trestles in 1990.

Interesting interview with Kelly Slater right after he won the contest.  Near the end, listen to his answer to the question:  “Will you retire after you win 10?”

Oh, we all know that Kelly Slater won the Pipe Masters in 2009. But, shit, he was the best. How can you even dispute it? When perfection occurs, it is time to bow down. Check this out:

This video clearly had in mind the marketing of the surfer/surfing lifestyle. The 40 second intro showing gorgeous tropical scenery and a hot chick is pure 1990 . . . oh, yeah, and pure 2009 as well.