In honor of Halloween:

Garrett McNamara gives us the 411 about wipeouts: deepwater vs. shallow water.

I hope that is 4 degrees C! The guys over at Surf Donkey suggested I check out this episode. I did, and have decided that I am glad I live in southern California because I don’t think I am core enough to hang with them. Check it out.

Check out their site by ClIcKiNg HeRe.

I don’t think I really like this concept. It turns surfing into a video game. But, nevertheless, it does look like fun. The hedonist in me likes it.

San Diego from Justo Cerdà on Vimeo.

Sometimes, those unknown old guys can actually surf. Of course, the weight of age does affect the altitude of the airs:

Surfing California – Watch more free videos

It is painful to watch when your own people are made to look like buffoons and freaks, but it is important to know what is out there so you can rise above it:

. . . and . . .

I had no idea what the hell this was about until I went to the website at the end of the video. An imaginative way to promote a movie!