Tom Curren

Watching perfect Rincon never gets old. Add in one of the best surfers ever and a young wise tail, and you’ve got some good viewing. Enjoy.

This video of Curren ripping Sandspit shows that if you stay in shape, you can continue to rip as you get older. Curren was born in 1964, so he is 41 in this clip. (Of course, Slater is 37 right now and won his most recent world title at age 36.)

A great recording of one of the better heats in a surf contest. You gotta love the colored wetsuits. Too bad the entire clip is in slow motion. It would be great to see this at regular speed to compare it with the surfing of today.

Further proof that Tom Curren was the best surfer of his generation.

Curren really was/is a GREAT surfer. The ease and soul with which he surfed was amazing. He IS the transition between Gerry Lopez and Dane Reynolds. Respect your elders.