Sick, super fast barrels somewhere in central California. Watch as the surfers get swallowed and crushed.

We all know that Alana is pretty cute, but she is a very good surfer. I’d say she out-surfs 98% of the guys I see out in the line up.

Twenty-four minutes of Dane ripping.

I remember watching this barrel live during the webcast of the Rip Curl Search Ocean Beach Pro 2011. The webcast cameraman actually turned the camera away from the barrel because he assumed Kelly had been swallowed. Nope.

Here is a great video looking back at John John getting pitted and more during 2011.

Medina and Lowers has the same ring to it as John John and Pipe. I have a feeling Medina may win as many events at Lowers as Kelly has.

Great video of Kelia Moniz riding a longboard at Waikiki.  I don’t like some of the Go Pro videos of shortboarders, but the cameras are used really well here to show off the glide and grace of a stylish surfer. The surfing starts at 1:05.

Check out @kerr_azy1 and @jordysmith88 doing no rope step offs to warm up before the #hurleypro:


Hat tip to @3DFINS